From: Jeff Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Mon Jun 23 22:36:19 1997

Hi Guys:

I have just aquired an Orborne-I, built on 10/17/82. The thing seems
to be complete, but no line cord. Cosmetically, she's in fair shape,
but been around the block a few times: scuffs, velcro stuck to the
case, etc. The only major thing wrong is that one of those cheesy
plastic latches that holds the cover / keyboard in place is broken

I fired her up, but without a boot disk, I could not tell if it is
100% functional or not. The sign on screen comes up on the WHITE
crt, informs me that it has firmware ver 1.44, and requests I hit
RETURN to boot up.

Since I mostly specialize in SS-50 and some obscure Commodore-related
hardware, this is a bit outside my scope of interest (but I know a
true classic when I see one). If anyone is interested in this truly
historic (if a bit worn) piece of cyberbilia, please contact me via

All I'm asking for it is what I paid for it (about $10) plus



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