Collecting old microprocessors (as opposed to Computers)

From: Brett <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 19:14:01 1997

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Jeff Kaneko wrote:
> Brett wrote:
> > As I remember the 4004 was actually Intels first micro-cpu and I don't
> ^^^^
> > know of any commercial product that used them - but I don't know
> > everything. Any product types and names?
> Yes! I do! I do! (Hand raised, flailing about)
> When I worked for John Fluke Mfg. in the early eighties, I used to
> repair their 6010 & 6012 audio frequency synthesizers. These used
> one 4004 processors for EVERYTHING; keyboard control, display
> generation (one led segment at a time), synthesizer latch loading,
> level control etc.
> It was one BUSY little chip.

Duh! I knew that - I really did! Now for a VERY serious question -
You - ah - still have any ties with Fluke???? I would be your friend
for LIFE if you could get me a 1722 - huh huh???? I would also want the
Hard Drive option - (heck I am wishing!) And the Assembler disk and the
Fortran disk and the Basic disk! Nicest little box I ever played with.

Nobody else here probably knows what this is but I would also like to get
my hands on a Numeridex 7000. Second nicest little box I ever played with.

Both of these where industrial strength machines. The quantities sold
for both where relatively small. Also they were HIGH priced. Anybody
seen - got - know of them?

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