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Date: Mon Jun 23 23:57:01 1997


> > brushes. However, as nice as it looks, it seams as though it's toast. A
> > few keys stick, several send multiple key bursts, and it doesn't seem as
> > though the keys are removeable - at least not like as I remember the old
> > TRS-80 Model 1 keyboard. You could remove the keys and actually clean the
> > contacts with alchohol. Is this possible, or am I just going to be able
> > to get dust bunnies between the keys?

I did pull off the keycaps on that apple II if you use right type of
pull that loops under both sides for even force and unsolder that
switch, tear it down and clean it, then put back together.

Lots of solderable keyswitches are "tear down"able after you clean up
the solder lugs just in case. They're held together by snaps.


Nip! Sad story about key problem...

Can't you take that switch apart and clean it with alcohol? I had to
do that on my "speedy". Generic keyboard but used good quality gold
contacts switch in it only minor cleaning there then it worked 100%
The one key tab needed pounding to get anything but now I just
merely poke it. :) Total time of repair: 15 to 20 mins.

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