PLEASE READ - suggestions to reduce list traffic

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Date: Mon Jun 23 19:55:47 1997

Hi Kai,

> I'd like to suggest that we all keep in mind the following tenets to
> help reduce the amount of superfluous traffic on this discussion list:
> - If your reply is to one individual, please send directly to them
> (you'll have to override your email program's default Reply address).
> - Please direct responses to solicitations such as group purchases, etc.
> directly to the solicitor only.

Amen, brother! I have received in excess of 200 mailings
in the last 36 hours. There can't be that much to say to
the world!

I've tried three times since Friday to kill my subscription
to this thing, but the best I got was a canned message
saying I didn't unsubscribe properly. Successive attempts
seem to have only stopped my own mailings from being
echoed to me!

Does anyone know the proper procedure to unsubscribe?
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