Yes, I shall burn in the fyres of Hades...

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 07:54:06 1997

Yes, I finally got the fever for the flavor of a Pringles -- Dooh! I mean,
the fever to spark up my CP/M machine... despite everyone & their brother
telling me to check the PSU first.

Yea, Tar & feather me, and ride me out on a rail... but I saved the thing
from Mr. Junkman, and it cost me $1.00 at an auction... Figured there
wasn't much to lose.

Here's what I have:

It is *not* a Heath/Zenith machine.... It states simply on the front:
Heathkit Computer. No nuthin' else. On the back, I found the Serial# and
the number:


I'm assuming this is the model number. It has two floppy drives (one of
which the garage door is broken on) a full keyboard (which works fine, but
is slightly sticky...) and an internal green 11" diag. mono monitor.
Something tickled in my brain about those floppies, so as I lumbered around
in the dark in my newly-begun clean-ish basement (Eeeeek!) I found my old
non-working Atari 810 disk drive... and the mechs looked almost exact!
Would these happen to be the same mechanically, would anyone know?

Also, as there was no paperwork for this, so even the most basic,
rudimentary info on this unit would be helpful... such as: which drive is
the boot drive? Top or bottom?

When I sparked it up, everything seemed to work, the tube came to life, and
greeted me with a finger pointing to the right in the upper-left corner...
and stayed there. Every key sequence I tried resulted in a "Beep" except
<CTRL><RESET> which, of course, reset the machine and re-greeted me with
the finger.

Does anyone out there know what I have, and could you tell me? ;^>

BTW, I (of course) would be in the market for a set of boot disks for this

Thanks one and all,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Roger Merchberger       | If at first you don't succeed,
Programmer, NorthernWay | nuclear warhead disarmament should  | *not* be your first career choice.
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