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Date: Tue Jun 24 15:18:44 1997

Im gonna take a risk here, but do any of these folks collect computers,
maybe the recent conversations havn't driven them nuts and they can give us
some information about old computers rather than start some type of
political hate crime debate. GROW UP EVERYONE.

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> Subject: Re: Why?
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> At 06:43 PM 6/21/97 +0000, you wrote:
> >I accept that....but you are such a big country. Isn't it about time you

> >start looking outside and try to understand other cultures? (no offence
> But we are a country of other cultures. My father came over from Germany
> a boy. My mother was of english descent (going back to Ann Boleyn and
> Katherine(?) Howard, two of Henry VIII's wives). My sister is an
> Nigerian. My girlfriend is Russian, French Canadian, and who knows what
> else. Her sister-in-law is a philippina. Some of my best friends
> jamaicans, scotsman, irish, french, german, native american, japanese,
> chinese, aussies, South African, eritrean, and so on.
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