Digilog 1500

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Tue Jun 24 15:17:24 1997

>Roger Ivie wrote:
>> No promises, but I _may_ have a CP/M boot disk for the thing and (depending
>> on how recently my cow-orkers have cleaned their offices) I may be able to
>> find a bit of technical info.
>Wow, that would be great! It would also be good to get enough
>information to add it to the "Big List" that Bill maintains. In any
>case, thanks for the info!

OK, here's what I have found so far:

  - Technical manual for "Microterm II" (also labelled "Series 2000")
  - Technical manual for "Series 1000"
  - A few other manuals, including a BASIC language manual and something
    to do with 2780 communications.

Both technical manuals contain schematics. I've not yet compared the schematics
to see what the differences between "Series 1000" and "Series 2000" are.

I've not yet come across boot disks, but I've been informed that we still
have one of the machines in our storage shed, so I expect to find one when
I get _really_ serious about poking around.

Roger Ivie
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