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From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Tue Jun 24 15:37:51 1997

e.tedeschi wrote:
> Your lovely machines (whichever they are) live *only* because there
> someone (you or another human person) to make it work and appreciate the
> results. They *only* live in your (or somebody else's) mind. And that is
> why their history is important because it's not their history that we
> appreciate but the sentiments, feelings, joy and sadness of the people
> who used them!

Oh oh, this sounds like emotions poping up :). I think you make a very
valid point and phrased it very well. When I think about putting my
machines on display, the fact that the machines are interesting is part
of it of course, but the main thrust is how people will react to and
think about the machines. When I see the early DEC equipment, it brings
to mind the time I spent at the DEC school, the time I spent working
with others teaching (and learning!) all about computers, and a host of
other things. For me, I think the word is nostalgia (or however it's
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