Help identify these front panels

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 15:48:33 1997

I just got a couple of unidentified front panels. If anyone can shed
some light on what computers these come from, please let me know!

Front Panel #1:
- No bezel
- Has flat switches exactly like the Imsai except they're all black
- In the upper right there's a 16-key hexadecimal keypad; black keys
with white lettering.
- Two rows of switches; 7 in the upper left, and a row of 18 below.
- There are numerous LEDs arranged mostly in banks of 4 with 7545 TTL
- The LEDs are on a riser card about 1/2" off the main front panel card.
The main card is dark gray and the LED card is green.
- Three 40-pin ribbon cable connectors on the bottom edge.

Front Panel #2:
- Very simple design with metal bezel. Looks like it's from a mini.
- 20 cup-shaped plastic paddle switches, some navy blue, some sky blue
in color.
- Switches are labeled "CLR, STP, MRD, MWR, ADR, EXE" and numbers 2
through 15.
- Three lights in the upper left are labeled "POWER, WAIT, CARRY,
- There's a key lock in the lower right
- A bundle of cables trail from the panel terminating in two 46-pin
connectors and a few power leads.
- An ink stamp on the PCB reads "5172" - 5/1/72 perhaps?

thanks all! By the way, if someone needs one of these, let me know!

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