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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 20:33:09 1997

> One of the things *I* like to have available is the documentation,
> particularly schematics, on the things that I have. As such, there are
> docs and schematics on quite a bit of stuff here but there are also a
> lot of holes. I'm not sure how the copyright laws apply to machines
> where the company has ceased to exist, but it would be great to be able
> to exchange documentation as needed. Things I have machine schematics
> on include:

It is good that you have volunteered information that perhaps someone on
the list is dying to have. Perhaps a directory of people with maintenance
prints is needed? I would be willing to share information. Currently, I
have maintenance info on:

DEC PDP-8/e,f,m,s
Heathkits (various, I would have to look)
Interdata model 4 and 14
Sphere 6800
SWTPC 6800

Of course some of this stuff is stored away and may take an excavation to
find, but I am willing to make limitted copies.

Of course, I am looking for maintenance info as well:

HP 2100A
SGI Iris 2500T

> Things I would like to get include the Altos, Commodore Pet, Sol, Zeneth
> H-67 Hard/Floppy disk unit, Compaq Deskpro and luggable, and a bunch of
> others. Also, what about copies of the ROMs? I have a Zenith lugable
> that is missing the System Roms and as such, have no way to even see if
> it works. Anyone else with this type of problem?

Yes, it seems that EPROMs are robbed out of many otherwise nice machines.
A certain SGI Iris 2500T has just about EVERY ROM and big (PGA) chip
pulled out...

But it is still fun.

William Donzelli
Received on Tue Jun 24 1997 - 20:33:09 BST

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