Computer Documentation

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 15:56:15 1997

One of the things *I* like to have available is the documentation,
particularly schematics, on the things that I have. As such, there are
docs and schematics on quite a bit of stuff here but there are also a
lot of holes. I'm not sure how the copyright laws apply to machines
where the company has ceased to exist, but it would be great to be able
to exchange documentation as needed. Things I have machine schematics
on include:

Commodore CBM machines
Polymorphic Computers
Lobo Drives
Atari 400/800
Corona 400
DEC 16, 11/05, 11/45, 8i
Northstar Horizon
Vector I, II, III, and 4
Zeneth/Heath computers
Various S-100 boards

and a host of others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

Things I would like to get include the Altos, Commodore Pet, Sol, Zeneth
H-67 Hard/Floppy disk unit, Compaq Deskpro and luggable, and a bunch of
others. Also, what about copies of the ROMs? I have a Zenith lugable
that is missing the System Roms and as such, have no way to even see if
it works. Anyone else with this type of problem?
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