Dead Cromemco - Help!

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 20:17:16 1997

My Cromemco System 3 won't power up. Help!

Normally I would just pull it open and check the power supply voltages,
but this is a problem because A) the case is incredibly difficult to get
into, and B) I don't have the schematics.

I'd like folks' assessment of probable problem causes before I tear into
it (heck, it takes two people just to move the sucker!)


The rear power switch glows when I turn it on. So far, so good. All
fuses are OK. When I turn the front key (or hit the rear switch with
the front key already ON) all I get is a faint internal click, and the
power supply fan moves VERY slightly (maybe 1/8").

Somebody told me this is an AC fan, is this true? If so, either the fan
is dead or the problem isn't the power supply.

If the problem is the power supply, what's the likely culprit for this
symptom? I peered into the back of the case with a flashlight (this is
a BIG case) and the cap didn't appear to be leaking.



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