Dead Cromemco - Help!

From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Jun 27 00:16:17 1997

Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
> My Cromemco System 3 won't power up. Help!
> Symptoms:
> The rear power switch glows when I turn it on. So far, so good. All
> fuses are OK. When I turn the front key (or hit the rear switch with
> the front key already ON) all I get is a faint internal click, and the
> power supply fan moves VERY slightly (maybe 1/8").
> Somebody told me this is an AC fan, is this true? If so, either the fan
> is dead or the problem isn't the power supply.

According to the schematics I have, there are three 120VAC fans. The
faint internal click is most likely the power relay. Also, according to
what I am reading, there should be 3 LEDs mounted on the motherboard to
show that the proper power is at least coming to the motherboard. It
looks to me like they should be visible with the front panel swung open
as they are located in the middle of the motherboard at the front.

Since I am leaving to spend a few days on the Colorado River for Field
Day (Amateur Radio event), I won't be checking my mail for a couple of
days. If you are still having trouble, let me know as I have the
schematics and System Manual. Also a friend of mine (who gave me my
System Three and documentation) was a Cromemco dealer and might be able
to offer some suggestions.
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