USING classic machines

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jun 27 12:29:35 1997

   Nearly every machine I have gets a regular workout, though other than the
Amiga's and the newer PC, none of them are really used for anything other than
just messing around with. I have been known to use both the Atari-ST and
C-128D for telecom duties, as well as using the Atari-ST as a VT-100 terminal
connected to one of the 3 serial ports on my Amiga 3000, as well as using a
DigiView Gold on the Amiga 1000 for the occasional video capture. Otherwise,
I mainly use them for games and for dabbling in the different versions of
BASIC. In fact tonight I fired up both the ADAM and one of the TI-99/4A's for
a bit.

   All in all, these systems are every bit as useful as the day the came out,
if not more so since a lot of them have things such as SCSI and IDE interfaces
available for them that the original designers didn't even dream of.

    Amiga enthusiast and collector of early, classic microcomputers

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