USING classic machines

From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Sat Jun 28 01:17:41 1997

Well, I guess I should add my bit to this thread. (I've been waiting for
the appropriate time to tell this story :-) First, I have to admit that
my two main computers are an Alpha 166 and a K5-133 both running Linux.
I don't use my classics on a daily basis, but they do come in handy...
In order to feed myself, I maintain several web-servers, one of which is
connected via a 128k dedicated isdn line. About 6 months ago I came home
from working on this machine, and tried to pull my mail off of it. It was
then I realized that I had accidentally brought down the isdn link. Well,
I was prepared for this... I had an analog modem on a dial-up line into
this machine for just this type of problem. Unfortunately though, I had
recently got ADSL internet into my home (Comes into my ethernet) and had
got rid of my modem. I still had an external 14.4 modem hooked it up to
my Apple //e, though. I quickly used it to dial into the server to bring
it back up. So yes, I do use my classic machines--not on a daily basis,
but that Apple saved me a trip.

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