USING classic machines

From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Sat Jun 28 13:10:50 1997

> Here's an interesting idea, now that mini Linux seems to be up and
> running, there appears to be a good code base for porting it over to other
> old 8 bit and 16 bit chips. The TI-99/4a, RS COCO, PDP-11, and old S-100
> based z80 (with MMU) boxes appear to be good candidates. Yes... there is
> *lots* of machine specific code in the mini Linux implementation. It
> would be a good deal more than just getting the boot loader up and running
> then tweaking and compiling the kernel. Still it might be a fun hack! I
> have a friend who's attempting a 3b2 Linux port single handedly... why not

I think I have met this fellow somewhere. Is his name Dave or something
like that? If I remember rightly, he just did a Linux port for some other
machine (forget) and gave a speech about it at the Linux Convention in
North Carolina a few months back.

As for the 3B2 port, what kind of 3B2 are we talking about? 300/400
series or more closer to a 1000?

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