A little guidance - TI Xenix

From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Sun Jun 29 07:18:09 1997

On Sat, 28 Jun 1997, Brett wrote:

> WAHOO! I am in as Root! And I ain't gonna tell you what it was!

No one ever doubted it could be done -- physical access to the system unit
gives opportunities to crack root that the best modem connection can't
offer. That's why serious business systems are kept in physically secure
areas. To enter the machine room where I work I have to exchange the
card-key that gives me access to the building for one that gives me access
to that room -- and I have to trade back if I want to go outside to smoke
a cigarette.

> Now, anyone know what the Streaming Tape Drive device is called?
> I can boot with this (an old Adaptec SCSI board) installed.

Look in the /dev directory and see what devices are listed containing
strings such mt, rmt etc. Hell, mail me a 'ls -l' of /dev and I can
probably tell you -- some vendor device drivers gave things funny names.

> I also have 2 CB811 cards but only one seems to come up with a light,
> the other one just flashes?
> *** CB811 -- (C) Copyright 1986 Computone Systems, Inc.
> (C) Copyright 1987, 1988 Texas Instruments Inc.

Computone is best known for multi-port serial boards. These are probably
8-port boards to connect to terminals. What do the connectors on these
boards look like?

> Sat Jun 28 23:11:07
> *** CB811 -- (C) Copyright 1986 Computone Systems, Inc.
> (C) Copyright 1987, 1988 Texas Instruments Inc.
> Can't find any CB811 boards
> Texas Instruments print screen v1.01
> SPA initialization complete

Yes, 'SPA' probably stands for 'serial port adapter'.

> Streaming cartridge tape v2.00[A] (int=3,dma=3,base=00000220)

Is the mechanism a full-size Quarter-inch drive or one of those little
Irwin/CMS type drives?

Don't try putting a Soundblaster compatible sound card in that box
without careful setting of jumpers. Then again, Xenix of that era
probably won't support it anyway.

> Irootdev 1/40, pipedev 1/40, swapdev 1/41
> JKL0L1L2L3disk[W] drive 0: cyls = 918, heads = 15, secs = 17
> nswap = 5610, swplo = 0, Hz = 50
> L4maximum user process size = 8655k
> L5MNOPmem: total = 8064k, reserved = 4k, kernel = 1088k, user = 6
> Sat Jun 28 23:11:08
> 972k
> kernel: drivers = 4k, 0 screens = 0k, 600 i/o bufs = 600k, msg bufs = 8k
> QRSTUVWXYZdisk[W] drive 1: cyls = 918, heads = 15, secs = 17
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------

All of that looks pretty normal.

So what utilities are on the machine? Does it have the Software
Development package? (type 'cc' to check). Does it have the Text
Processing package?
Ward Griffiths
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