A little guidance - TI Xenix

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Sun Jun 29 08:31:59 1997

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Jun 1997, Brett wrote:
> > WAHOO! I am in as Root! And I ain't gonna tell you what it was!
> No one ever doubted it could be done -- physical access to the system unit
> gives opportunities to crack root that the best modem connection can't
> offer. That's why serious business systems are kept in physically secure
> areas.

You are 100% correct Ward. This is the major failing of just anybody
trying to setup and run Windows NT as a business server. There's the box
here's my boot disk - Where do you want to go today? 8-)

> To enter the machine room where I work I have to exchange the card-key
> that gives me access to the building for one that gives me access to
> that room -- and I have to trade back if I want to go outside to smoke
> a cigarette.

That's cool! Very professional. Do they body search you before you go in
and after you come out? Hmmm... Cigarettes - another thread!

> > Now, anyone know what the Streaming Tape Drive device is called?
> > I can boot with this (an old Adaptec SCSI board) installed.
> Look in the /dev directory and see what devices are listed containing
> strings such mt, rmt etc. Hell, mail me a 'ls -l' of /dev and I can
> probably tell you -- some vendor device drivers gave things funny names.

Found it in a cron file. It's called rct0 (I thought I tried that before
I wrote the list- oh well!)

> > *** CB811 -- (C) Copyright 1986 Computone Systems, Inc.
> > (C) Copyright 1987, 1988 Texas Instruments Inc.
> Computone is best known for multi-port serial boards. These are probably
> 8-port boards to connect to terminals. What do the connectors on these
> boards look like?

?62 pin D-shells? With my eyes - it hard to tell. Smallest row has 20 and
three rows of pins in the *dongle*. That *Dongle* wieghs in at about 7
lbs! I have three dongles and 2 cards for 16 ports. If I had one more
card - 24 9.6k baud modems - I could use up a T1 8-)

> > SPA initialization complete
> Yes, 'SPA' probably stands for 'serial port adapter'.

Aside - What the heck is that shorty card in there? All epoxied up.
Says TI on it. Metal shield. Any ideas?

> > Streaming cartridge tape v2.00[A] (int=3,dma=3,base=00000220)
> Is the mechanism a full-size Quarter-inch drive or one of those little
> Irwin/CMS type drives?

Don't recognize anything on it that has a name I know. Full 1/4 inch
on a DC600 tape (I now have one blank 8-) Yup - got the tape to work!

> Don't try putting a Soundblaster compatible sound card in that box
> without careful setting of jumpers. Then again, Xenix of that era
> probably won't support it anyway.

You know I keep hearing about these *SoundBlaster* thingies. What the
heck are they anyway 8-)

> All of that looks pretty normal.

Hey if it comes up at all - that's pretty *ab*normal - least around me!

> So what utilities are on the machine? Does it have the Software
> Development package? (type 'cc' to check). Does it have the Text
> Processing package?

Give me some time! I don't think it has much of anything on it. I just
made a list of files and will go thru them today. I could use some file
names (as grep is easy to use 8-)

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