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Date: Mon Mar 17 09:52:12 1997

It was thus said that the Great A.R. Duell once stated:
> Greetings fellow old-computer enthusiasts.
> Since somebody else mentioned the PC-jr, does anyone have a list of all
> the PC-family models that existed? So far I've obtained the original PC,
> PC/XT, PC/AT (both versions of the motherboard), XT model 286, PC-jr,
> Portable PC (the 'sewing machine' case), and parts of a PC 3270. I know
> I'm missing the convertable (? - laptop, I think), PC/370, AT/370, and I'm
> not including the PS/2 range (yet!).

  Don't forget about the PC RT machines, the first RISC based machines. Not
a bad machine, but in a strange twist of logic, it's the only IBM PC to have
a reset button - running an OS that needs to be shut down (Unix) else you'll
currupt the filesystem!
  And yes, the IBM convertable was a lap top computer. Not a bad machine at
all. A friend of mine had one (his father worked at IBM Boca Raton - home
of the IBM PC).

> I try to keep my machines in working order - restoring them is most of the
> fun, actually. And I use them for real work - in fact I don't think I own
> a computer that would fit in on this list :-)

  Well, I've used the the Tandy 6000 I have for working out a budget (since
it comes with Multiplan).
> Am I unusual in that I also collect schematics and Technical manuals? I
> find them as valuable as the machines, and buy all I can find.

  No, I try to do the same thing. I also try to learn the assembly language
for each computer as well (let's see - I know 6809, 68000, 80x88, VAX, MIPS,
and I can follow 8080/Z80 and 6502). I currently own the tech manuals for
most of my machines.

  -spc (Have computer, will program)
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