The List! (additions/changes)

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Thu May 1 20:33:06 1997

        | >- Add: MITS Altair 680, 68000, 1976

        | Ummm... no. 6800 mpu (not 68000)

Typo... thanks

        | >- Add: NorthStar model with built-in monitor (forget the
model, Tim
        | >Shoppa has one)

        | The NorthStar "Advantage" (I have one too)

Yeah, come to think of it, the one Tim has that I was thinking of was
actually a similar IMSAI with built-in monitor. The name was something
like "DPC-1"

        | >- Change: NorthStar Horizons primarily ran NSDOS

        | Interesting... Many I worked with ran OASIS. B^}

I guess it would have been clearer to say "NorthStar Horizons shipped
with NSDOS". I'm sure most of them "primarily ran" CP/M after the
owners realized how obscure and limiting NSDOS was ("cd" to Copy Disk?
Gee, a DOS user would never type that by accident!)

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