The List! (additions/changes)

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Thu May 1 21:16:08 1997

        | > - Add: Apple/Tempest TPI 863T milspec Macintosh, 68000, 1986
        | Which company actually manufactured it?

Apple shipped the internal components to Tempest, who put it in a
milspec housing.

        | > - Add: Apple/Honeywell "Black Apple" custom manufactured
Apple II+
        | Same as the Bell&Howell black apple or different?

Duh! Of course I meant Bell & Howell.

        | > - Change: Atari Mega machines were the Mega ST (with 1, 2 or
4MB, 1987)
        | > and the Mega STE (improved, 1991). I've never heard of a
"Mega 1" or
        | > "Mega 2"
        | This info came from a 1989 Atari price list - as you can
imagine I'm
        | now slightly confused...

Did a quick bit of research - the numbers indicate amount of RAM only.
The two Megas are the Mega ST and Mega STe (lower case e).

        | > - Add: Commodore Amiga 2000/3000/4000 (Too new?)
        | Yeah - I pretty much stick with the 10 years or older

The A2000 was introduced in March 1987 along with the A500, so I guess
they're under the wire :)

        | > - Add: Data General MicroNOVA series, and Data General
        | Probably going to need a little more data...

The portable was called the Data General 1.

The original MicroNOVA was the MN601 (by PDP-8 designer Edson DeCastro,
who came to Data General from DEC).

Trivia: Did you know that AViiON is NOVA spelled backwards with an "ii"
(signifying 2) in the middle, as in NOVA II ?

        | > - Add: Intecolor CompuColor II, 8080A, ~1979
        | Are you sure that this is not actually one of the listed model
        | numbers?

The CompuColor II was only referred to as such in any ads I ever saw.
It was a 13" color display system with a hard-sectored 5 1/4" drive to
the right of the monitor, and a keyboard with multicolored keys.

Trivia: CompuColor CP/M had no FORMAT, you had to buy formatted
diskettes from Intecolor.

        | > - Change: "Kaypro Corp" should be Non-Linear Systems
        | I think you're right (as that's what my Kaypros say) but I've
seen it also
        | listed as Kaypro Corp... was there a name change?

Kaypro was founded in 1952 as Non-Linear Systems, the first manufacturer
of digital voltmeters. Somewhere along the line they changed to Kaypro
Corporation, but I don't think they did so until their Chapter 11 in
~1990. Certainly at the time of the Kaypro II, they were still known as
Non-Linear Systems.

Trivia: Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2010 on a Kaypro II.

By the way, now that I think about it, the KIM-1 was by MOS
Technologies, which hadn't yet changed their name to Commodore. I don't
know how you want to handle that.

        | > - Add: NorthStar model with built-in monitor (forget the
model, Tim
        | > Shoppa has one)
        | And I'm sure he'll be popping up sooner or later...

North Star Advantage, as Bill kindly pointed out.

There was also a similar IMSAI with built-in monitor, I have a catalog
at home with the name.

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