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From: Gary S. Katz <>
Date: Fri May 2 06:23:23 1997

Well, here's my 2 bits on the ??'s in the Tandy Line...

> 4D Micro Z80A 64K TRSDOS 6.X MICRO 85

        There were really MANY DOS's for the 1/3/4 line, TRSDOS is
        what shipped with it. Few people use TRSDOS on the 1/3 where
        NEWDOS/80, LDOS were more popular. TRSDOS 6.X was really a
        licensed version of LDOS, IIRC.

   100 80C85 32K Proprietary ROM

        Forgot about the 100, the predecessor of the 102. The 100 was
        thicker, by about 1/4", and had a few ROM bugs that the 102
        fixed. Also, the 102 had a System Bus OUT port in a convenient
        place (where the printer & other I/O ports were) while the 100's
        system bus was under a case on the bottom of the machine.

> 102 80C85 32K Proprietary ROM PORT. 86

        There were some rudimentary OS for the 100/102 with the
        serial-port, tough-as-nails, 3.5" floppy drive. Without
        the drive, you used a ROM-based menu system.

> 200 80C85 24K Proprietary ROM PORT. 85

        A souped-up 100/102, in a clamshell. Same rules apply.

> 6000 68000 512K ?? MICRO 84

        I'm fairly certain this machine had it's own flavor of
        TRSDOS but I'm not big on the 2/12/6K line.

> Color Computer 2 6809E 64K ?? MICRO 84
> Color Computer 3 6809E 128K ?? MICRO 86

        Not much I can do here. There was a Coco 1 which topped out
        at 32K with the same CPU (I think). There was also a micro-
        version of the COCO, the MC-10, which was perversely half-
        compatible with the COCO line. Had a 6809C CPU (I think),
        upgradable from 4K (stock) to 16K with an add-on plastic
        block that had a tendency to fall out at inopportune times.

> PC-4 Z80 ?? ?? PORT. 83
> PC-5 Z80 ?? ?? PORT. 85
> PC-6 Z80 8K ?? PORT. 86

        There are (as you'd no doubt guessed) a Portable Computer,
        a PC-2, and a PC-3. I don't think they carried Z80s, but
        I may be wrong. The PC-3 had a 24-character LCD with a
        max of 4K of RAM.

> Color Computer 6809 16K ?? MICRO 84
> Micro Color Computer 6809 64K ?? MICRO 84

        Oops... you had these. I think the Coco could go to 32K &
        the MC10 could only go to 16K. I'm fairly certain that the
        CPU on the MC10 was not a true-blue 6809.

> TRS-80 Model 4P Z80 64K ?? MICRO 84
> TRS-80 Model 12 Z80 80K ?? MICRO 83
> TRS-80 Model 16B 68000 w/Z80 256K ?? MICRO 83

> TRS-80 Model 100 Z80 24K ?? MICRO 83

        Another oops. I see you have the 100.

        But you did miss the grand-daddy of them all, the Model I.
        Z80A microprocessor, 48K Max RAM, Shipped with TRSDOS 2.3
        in its heyday, but most people used NEWDOS/80, LDOS, or
        other 3rd party packages.

> TRS-80 Model 1000 8088 128K ?? MICRO 85
        This was actually the first machine produced with the name
        TANDY instead of TRS-80. The Model 2000 was the last of
        the TRS-80 line.

> TRS-80 Model II Z80 64K ?? MICRO 78
> TRS-80 Model III Z80 64K ?? MICRO 80
> TRS-80 PC-1 Z80 32K ?? MICRO 80
> TRS-80 PC-2 Z80 32K ?? MICRO 82

Hope this helps!

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