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From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <>
Date: Fri May 2 11:13:34 1997

On Fri, 2 May 1997, Gary S. Katz wrote:

> > 6000 68000 512K ?? MICRO 84
> I'm fairly certain this machine had it's own flavor of
> TRSDOS but I'm not big on the 2/12/6K line.

The 16/6000 systems could run a slightly patched Model II TRSDOS, or
the TRSDOS-II that had come out as the Mod 2 series hard disk OS, or
TRSDOS-16, written by Ryand-McFarland and never had any applications
except the MBSI/Realworld bookkeeping system, or Xenix, my personal

> > Color Computer 6809 16K ?? MICRO 84
> > Micro Color Computer 6809 64K ?? MICRO 84
> Oops... you had these. I think the Coco could go to 32K &
> the MC10 could only go to 16K. I'm fairly certain that the
> CPU on the MC10 was not a true-blue 6809.

The MC-10 contained a MC6803 processor. It would load programs
recorded by a Color Computer, but for some reason the BASIC
keywords were given different tokens.

> > TRS-80 Model 1000 8088 128K ?? MICRO 85
> This was actually the first machine produced with the name
> TANDY instead of TRS-80. The Model 2000 was the last of
> the TRS-80 line.

No. The Tandy 2000 never had a TRS-80 logo. The 4D was the last
TRS-80 much later on. All of the MS-DOS machines were Tandy, not
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