Trade Sun for Atari ST?

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Fri May 2 20:25:35 1997

Someone in LA "Miscellaneous Lists" <> wanted to
trade a Sun 3 for my Atari ST. I have sent a few emails, but have
received no response. If you are still interested, contact me via

If anyone else (in Northern/Central) California would like to trade
old Sun/Unix/interesting machines/equipment/software for an Atari ST, let
me know. I would prefer not to ship this stuff since it is pretty heavy
and fills several cubic feet.


Here is the list of stuff:

1 Atari 1040STF
3 SH204 Harddisks
1 SF314 Floppy drive
1 SF854 Floppy drive
1 SC1224 Monitor (color)

2 STM1 Mouse
1 Marconi RB2 Trackball
1 Standard Atari joystick

There are also a bunch of cables for connecting everything togther,
10 or so magazines, a BASIC manual, 10 or so floppy disks, and what
I believe are schematics for the monitor.
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