Apple IIC 3.5 Disk, Modem/printer cable wanted

From: Loren Dickey <>
Date: Mon May 5 17:35:27 1997

On Mon, 5 May 1997, Josh M. Nutzman wrote:

> >I think the DIN-5 cables for your modem and printer are the same ones still
> >used for the Mac. As for the floppy drive, I'd try looking at
> >comp.sys.apple2.marketplace.
> >
I'm not sure, but a 3.5" floppy may not work on an earlier //c. You may
be able to use the Unidisk (400k as oppose to the 800k), but I have heard
that many of the 3.5 floppy drives couldn't be used on a //c due to the
fact that it doesn't contain the firmware to access these drives. You
might want to post a message on comp.sys.apple2 to confirm this, though.

Of course, if it's a //c+, then you should be able to use these drives
with no problem.

> >That failing, let me know and I'll dredge up the Altech address (it's not
> > - they sell refurbished a2 equipment
> Well, I have a mac and it uses a ? Mini-DIN 8? Thanks for the suggestion
> of Altech. I'll look them up!
Alltech Electronics Co. has changed its name to Computer Circulation Center.
Despite that, it doesn't look like a whole lot has changed.

                        Computer Circulation Center
                        dba: Alltech Electronics Co.
                        2618 Temple Heights
                        Oceanside, CA 92056
                        Phone #: 760-724-2404

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