PCB Corrosion?

From: Starling <starling_at_umr.edu>
Date: Tue May 6 01:19:36 1997

Last weekend I aquired an Apple Lisa 2/5 (finally!!), however the NiCad
batteries that backed up the system clock have corroded and leaked all
over the IO board and the backplane/motherboard (system uses a nifty
CPU-on-card design like the OLD computers).

Does anyone have any magic solutions to removing the green gunk from the
printed circuit boards and components? I'm wanting to remove the stuff
and preserve the system from further corrosion. (and yes, I am taking
out those damn things)

The green gunk has messed up one of the card slots so the IO card doesn't
go. I plan to clean that out using one of those Nintendo cartridge slot
cleaners (little card/pad thingy that you put stuff on and insert into slot).

That'll get her running again for a while... but I really need all the
gunk off and the corrosion STOPPED.

any ideas that help save my Lisa would be greatly appreciated!

chris starling
Received on Tue May 06 1997 - 01:19:36 BST

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