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From: Isaac Davis <idavis_at_comland.com>
Date: Tue May 6 14:32:07 1997

>generate printed copies of the mag from it. PLus HTML is "free" wheras
>printed copies would need a modest fee, means for collecting this, places
>to print, etc.

I agree with Les, start with an electronic form, then maybe move to print.
I am on a limited computer budget to begin with, I would hate to reduce it
any further, I might miss that big find I have been looking for.

I would like to see some program listings for various machines and various
languages included. I learned more from magazine program listings than I
did from anywhere else. I still use program listings to divine tips and
tricks. Besides, it is interesting to see program listings for other
machines, and see if anything applies to a machine I am using. I am sure
all of us have some programs for our machines that we could clean up and
submit for inclusion, and no worries about copyright violations if we wrote
them, not to mention just having some valuable information available for the
taking. Plus as we add to our collections, finding program listings will
give us a place to start with a new unknown machine. I actually tell people
that we used to get programs in magazines, and typed them in sometimes for
days at a time, and they laugh and me and think I am pulling their leg.
Just be sure and include program listings.

Isaac Davis
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