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From: Mr. Self Destruct <more_at_camlaw.rutgers.edu>
Date: Tue May 6 13:09:11 1997

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Scott Walde wrote:

> I like this idea. Maybe it could be a group collaborative effort.
> (Another mailling list?) Besides articles relating to collecting, I
> think it would be really cool to try to obtain the rights to reprint
> some classic magazine articles that some of us never got to see, or
> were to shortsighted at the time to keep. (Construction type articles.
> Maybe some reviews.)

We could *summarize* old articles and as long as it's documented there
would/should be no problems. I have a stack of old Compute! mags (Mar
84-Jun 86) and another stack of 99'er and HCN from around the same time
period. Not to mention the piles of old BASIC books, users manuals,
FAQ's, and net mags that I have collected over the years.

> (Are we talking about 'ink and paper' here or electronic? I was
> thinking 'ink and paper', but [html,pdf,whatever] wouldn't be bad either.)

Well, HTML (etc.) would definitely be "easier" but printed copies would be
"neater" There are drawbacks to both (HTML allows easier/cheaper use of
color) but if we start with HTML it really wouldn't be too much trouble to
generate printed copies of the mag from it. PLus HTML is "free" wheras
printed copies would need a modest fee, means for collecting this, places
to print, etc. If someone wants to start a "printed copy" after we get
the netside of things going than I'm in, but I think we should start with
HTML or whatever.

Either way, I'm in!

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