From: Doug Spence <ds_spenc_at_alcor.concordia.ca>
Date: Tue May 6 15:03:15 1997

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997 KFergason_at_aol.com wrote:

> someone can correct me if necessary, but weren't the first PDP's pretty
> "important" in that respect? Suddenly, universities could have their own
> systems. or maybe I am dreaming, mixing stories from various books.
> Kelly

Actually, the professor for the computer organization & assembly language
course I took this semester continually used the PDP-11 as an example.
It's interesting that, although we were learning 8086 assembly, the code
during the lecture was usually for the PDP-11, and we studied various
aspects of the PDP-11's hardware. The professor thought that the PDP-11
was the perfect system to learn this kind of thing on...

And before you ask, actually the professor in question is only a young man
of 32 years in age.

Doug Spence
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