PET to S100 bus interface

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Tue May 6 15:09:26 1997

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Glenn Roberts wrote:

> fyi, on p. 272 of November '79 Byte: a company called AB Computers offered
> a device called "BETSI", described as a "PET to S-100 Interface &
> Motherboard". cost was $119. While i'm on that page, the PET was $795 for
> the entry level system (8K, small keybd, cassette) and on the high end:
> $1,295 for 32K system with "business" keyboard. A 2040 dual diskette drive
> (343,000 bytes total) would set you back another $1,295.

Thanks for the info! I guess it was a fairly common type of device, then.
I wonder if there are also IBM-PC to S100 interfaces?

(Actually, something like that would be a cool addition to my Amiga 1200.
:) )

BTW, is it possible to purchase complete collections of BYTE magazine on
Microfiche, etc? And for what kind of frightening sum? I'm afraid I
don't have a collection of those... only a single magazine from 1982, then
my next issue features the Amiga 3000. :/

Even my collection of COMPUTE! and COMPUTE!'s Gazette magazines is
borrowed. (I'm hoping the owner forgets about them. ;) )

Doug Spence
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