Wanted: Co-Proponent for RFD rec.collecting.computers.classic

From: Bill Whitson <bill_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Tue May 6 16:52:52 1997

> Keeping it to ourselves is counter productive. The point is to share the
> knowledge to get more people interested to preserve more computers. The
> point is we do this because we have passion for the systems. Every hobby
> is going to be prostituted some time or another. As long as your passion
> remains, its all good.

Let me clarify, just in case. Anyone with interest can join this list.
If you guys wish to spread the word or post about it in appropriate
places be my guest.

I don't stand one way or the other on the newsgroup idea but I think
it's agood idea to take a look at groups like comp.sys.ti where the
bulk of the info comes from the mailing list reposts and almost
everything else is spam. That is the reason why I decided to go with a
mailing list rather than a newsgroup. It seems silly to argue about the
group if the process has already been started - if it gets created it will
either get used or not. If it passes I'll be one of the people reading
it as I'm sure most of you will.


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