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From: Bill Whitson <bill_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Tue May 6 17:03:16 1997

> I like this idea. Maybe it could be a group collaborative effort.
> (Another mailling list?) Besides articles relating to collecting, I
> think it would be really cool to try to obtain the rights to reprint
> some classic magazine articles that some of us never got to see, or
> were to shortsighted at the time to keep. (Construction type articles.
> Maybe some reviews.)

Along the same line but not the same:

I've been reasearching the possibility of putting old magazine articles
up on the ClassicCmp web site. I'll probably be starting this weekend.
I've determined that articles from the following magazines are unlikely
to get me in trouble:

Softside, Micro, Call APPLE, Creative Computing

More may come in the future. The critera for "unlikely to get me in
trouble" are 1. Magazine and/or publishing company out of business and
unreachable 2. Statements that reproduction is allowed (like Creative

If you know of other "safe" magazines or are interested in scanning some
pages to put up, let me know.


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