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>Jay is certainly important, but I'd hesitate at saying he was as
>influential as someone like Gary Kildall, Steve Wozniak, or Chuck Peddle.
>As much as I love all of the things Jay Miner gave us, there aren't that
>many people who were actually aware of his machines, let alone the man

   No, he didn't influence a whole 'generation' of computer hobbyist the way
CP/M did and such, but he certainly did some interesting things with the
hardware! Unfortunately, another computer great that has since passed away.

>> Out of curiosity, is anyone willing to nominate Jack Tremiel? <sp?>
>Uh... not me! But what about Sir Clive Sinclair, and that Tandy guy. :)

   Hmmmmmm...I can't quite think of the name of the head of Tandy that killed
off so many of thier good ideas. They had some interesting machines...and
sometimes even rather innovative. Too bad they tended to ship with a lot of
the interesting stuff crippled. Sir Clive Sinclair on the other hand gave us
the Sinclair series, so he couldn't be all bad.

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