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From: Tom Phelan <>
Date: Wed May 7 02:14:51 1997

Hi All,

I've been lurking for one day but had to reply to this one so I hope
I'm not breaking any rules.

> That was an ACT Victor 9000, aka Sirius 9000 in Europe. It's a brilliant
> machine (by coincidence I saw a Sirius keyboard for sale last Sunday).
> 8088-based, but not PC compatible. Will run the usual OSs and the usual
> software. I can't remember specs of the top of my head. After the
> Victor/Sirius, ACT went on to design the Apricot series, with which you may
> be more familiar. If you need the full specs, I'll be happy to have a look
> for you!

Right on. The Victor 9000 was quite a system. Monochrome hi res
video. Way ahead of its time IMHO. If I remember right, it was an
8086 based PC that was designed by the same fellow who designed the
6502 chip. Unfortunatly, his name escapes me. It was not IBM
compatible in any way which is what really killed it. I had a
classroom with 12 of those systems in it. Very reliable. Also had a
variable speed 5-1/4 drive that stored more data on the outer tracks
by slowing the drive down. Had about 5 different speed zones on the
disk so it store 600k per disk. Quite a feat when IBM was still at
the 360K density.

On another note. The reason I'm here is that someone recommended I
drop a line to let you all know I have a Heath Z150 PC that I built
back in 1984. I also have all the manuals and schematics and two
binders of Remark mag. I no longer have room for it and would like to
find a good home for it. Aside from shipping charges, it's free for
the taking. I'm located on Long Island in New York. Anyone
interested. I'd hate to have to deep six it.

Let me know
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