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Date: Thu May 8 13:51:36 1997

On Thu, 8 May 1997, Susan M Johnson wrote:

> On another matter, I think someone mentioned something about compiling a
> list of books/movies that involve computers. _The Moon Is A Harsh
> Mistress_ by Robert A. Heinlein involves a sentient computer who helps
> guide a revolution on the moon against Earth. Unfortunately, while the
> revolution was successful, the computer was no longer sentient at the
> end. :( I can't remember if the computer had a name.

Mycroft Holmes. One of my favorite books, and probably one of the two
novels most influential on modern libertarianism, after Ayn Rand's
_Atlas Shrugged_. For those so inclined, I heartily recommend that you
web over to <> for the current top libertarian SF
novel: _Kings of the High Frontier_ by Victor Koman. A damned good book
IMAO. End of plug. Besides being a good writer, Vic is an old

Other fiction concerning computers:

_The Adolescence of P-1_ by Thomas K. Ryan. A sapient program occupies
every IBM mainframe connected to teleprocessing. Seventies technology
and terminology, written back then by an actual IBM jock.

_The Shockwave Rider_ by John Brunner. The country is all wired and
privacy is difficult except for one individual who has the "savant"
ability (and a stolen identity code) to rewrite his whole record on the
fly. This book introduced the world to the terms "worm" and "phage"
which have since become stock vocabulary in the computer field.

_The Two Faces of Tomorrow_ by James P. Hogan. Before installing
artificial intelligence in the world-wide control networks, experiment
with it in the "controlled" environment of a space colony. Attack it and
see if it will learn to defend itself.

All three books are from the late seventies and it shows. No problem,
they're still good books just like a TRS-80 Mod One and an Apple II from
the same period are still good computers.
Ward Griffiths
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