Origin of company names Apple & Atari - verify?

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Date: Thu May 8 17:59:12 1997

Howdy all,
In our newspaper they have a little item called NO KIDDING. In it
they list little trivia things. A few days ago there was one on
"Now You Know" listing things that are different than history says
(one was that Linbergh was actually the 67th person to fly solo across
the Atlantic). Each daily listing also shows the reference in case
no one believes.

Anyhind in today's list they had "'Why' behind the names"
The reason for certain names of companies/items.

  Apple - desire to be before "Atari" in the phone book.
  Atari - to look like a Japanese company
Does anyone know if these reasons are true? Sounds funny but then
we really don't know how/why certain names are chosen.


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