Osbourne Executive help

From: hellige <jeffh_at_eleventh.com>
Date: Fri May 9 01:36:45 1997

   I have an Osbourne Executive that is in fairly decent shape and for the
most part works fine. There's no burn-in on the CRT and both floppies work
great, but there seems to be a problem with the power supply or the video

   The system boots fine, but once it has booted, the image on the screen
begins to jump or shimmer, and you can hear the fan on the rear of the machine
appear to change speeds, as if there was a power fluctuation.

   I would really like to find out what's wrong with this machine, and repair
it if possible, and am hesitant to run it the way it is. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

   Jeff jeffh_at_eleventh.com
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