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>So what's the point? Preserving the machines is good, but it is only
>part of the picture. What is the good of preserving a machine if all
>of "culture" that surrounds the machine is lost?

   Agreed, which is why my more common systems, such as the Atari 800 and
Vic-20 are fairly filled out with peripherals and such. Take for example my has the following:

   VIC-20 boxed, VIC-1541 floppy, VIC-Modem, VIC-1525 printer, C2N Datasette,
manuals for the VIC-Modem anad 1541, as well as 9 cartidges and about 6
original cassette tapes of programs, including one tape still in it's

   This to me is quite a well rounded system, much like one would find someone
using on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for some of my systems, such as the
Aquarius, it's not so easy to find the software and such for it. But I
definately pay at least as much attention to searching out the add-ons as I do
the systems themselves. In fact, at this point, my attention is likely to
turn mostly to the add-ons and such, as I've aquired the more common systems
I've sought and likely won't be aquring them as a whole as often.

>Save those manuals, flyers, ads, boxes, packing foam, and twist-ties.
>Save them even if you don't have a machine to go with them.

   One thing I always noticed about people into antique and classic cars is
that a lot of them also search out the advertisements and such for thier
favorite marque. It'd certainly be interesting to do such a thing for the
computers as well. Too bad I tossed out all of my older magazines years ago.


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