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Date: Fri May 9 21:01:24 1997

On 10-May-97, classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu wrote:

>Just a quickie....
>Have any of you guys ever made your own computers?
>This is someting I have been thinking of doing but really don't know where
>to start. It doesn't have to be fancy (something with a 8088 or Z80 or
>6502 would be fine) So does anyone have any "plans" to make one?

   There was a book published in the early to mid 80's sometime which went
into quite exact detail on designing and building an 8bit microcomputer, using
the Z80 I believe. Unfortunately, I don't recall the exact name, and my copy
of it was lost years ago. I believe it was something like "Building Your Own
Microcomputer" and I thought it was a fascinating book. Anyone else recall
this book?

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