Kaypro Corp. or Non-Linear Systems

From: Eric Fischer <eric_at_fudge.uchicago.edu>
Date: Sat May 10 18:12:48 1997

jeffh_at_eleventh.com says,

> But to put my 2cents worth in, on my Kaypro 2X, it still states it was
> manufactured by Kaypro Corporation, of Solana Beach, CA. Since the company
> had yet to change names when the 2X was manufactured, would that indicate that
> it fell before the Kaypro II in the production cycle? If I recall, the II was
> labeled as coming from Non-Linear Systems?

I think you've got the order backwards -- the company started out
as Non-Linear Systems and changed their name to Kaypro once the
Kaypros started getting popular.

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