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<< Yes, I believe it was published by TAD Books although I don't remeber the
 exact title, either. It was available at my local library. At the time I
 read it, I think I estimated it would cost about $1,000 altogether to
 build the computer. It would probably be a lot cheaper today. Seemed
 like a very good boook. >>

Z-80 Microcomputer Design Projects, William Barden, Jr. $14.95, Howard Sams.
published in 1980. describes a <10 chip single board computer. how much
was a Z80 in 1980?

KiloBaud Klassroom. by Peter Stark. describes a 6802 single board computer.
 seems like mostly reprints from the magazine column of the same name. 1982

The 8085 Cookbook.
Build your own working computer. Tab books. uses the SC/MP.
Build your own advanced computer. Tab books. uses the 9900, i believe.
The Bugbooks.

I can probably dig out several more which describe a single board system.
get into things such as disk drives, not that I recall anyway.

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