What a weekend...

From: Bill Whitson <bill_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Sun May 11 14:46:01 1997


I didn't intend to buy any computer equipment this weekend but
ended up passing a church swap meet with a big sign that list
"compters" <sic> on it. Later in the day I spotted a pawn shop
that had a sign up that said "Collectable PCs - get them while
you still can!" Just how much temptation can one resist?

Anyway I'll divide this into two groups - stuff I know things
about already and stuff I don't have a clue about.

Stuff I know about

TI/99 Expansion box with disk/memory/rs232
Atari 520ST
Commodore 128 (spare)
Commodore Cassette (original)
Macintosh (M0001)
DEC Rainbow 100 Documentation in box
DEC Rainbow OS disks
Samda Word Processor for DEC Rainbow
25 RX50 disks labelled MICRO/RSTS - I don't knwo what they are
   but I'm guessing they're not for the Rainbow. I really needed
   some RX50 disks though.
34 C64/128 disks with programs
18 Apple II disks with programs
FORTRAN on disk for the TI99/4A (the first disks I've ever seen for
   the TI)
EagleWriter II for the Eagle Computer
12 Assorted CP/M disks
17 8" TRS-80 Model II disks
Set of OS disks for Heath/Zenith Z-100
VisiCalc and a couple other Atari 800 disks
Various old PC disks
Some power supplies and RF modulators
Hardware Maint manual for Novell Netware/68
  (includes info and schematics for almost all early novell hardware!)

Stuff I don't know about

IBM 6360 dual 8" floppy system (for what?)
TRS-80 TRP-100 printer
TRS-80 Color Graphics Printer
Commodore DPS-1101 Printer
Alphacom VP-42 Printer (for VIC-20 only it says)
NEC PC8801A (no keybd, disk drives)
Excelerator Plus Disk Drive (looks like for commodore serial bus)
MicroSci Disk Drive (Disk II clone, right?)
Timex-Sinclair 1000 with plug-in box on the back (RAM module?)
  (I never realized from pictures how small these were!)
TRS-80 RAM module (looks like the T-S RAM module)

It was a fun weekend (glad I drive a van!)


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