movie computers (The List! )

From: Fredrik Ekman <>
Date: Sun May 11 15:01:41 1997

Captain Napalm wrote thus:
> Now, to turn this back to an on-topic thread, the microcomputer used in
> "War Games" was one of the last IMSAI's if I recall correctly. And does
> anyone know what computers where used for the graphics in "Tron" and "The
> Last Starfighter"?

Tron was animated by hand. No computers were used, except where you
actually see them on the screen.

Since I am writing, I thought I might contribute this little piece to the

I watched a German soap opera about ten years ago. It was about some
hospital and they had a computer, for storing the patient records, I
assume. It was a C64, which would not have been impossible at the time,
only someone obviously thought it didn't look cool enough just sitting
there by itself, so they built it into a wooden panel and added some
flashing lights and buttons.

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