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From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Mon May 12 08:23:33 1997

On Sat, 10 May 1997, Paul E Coad wrote:

> TAB books published a few on how to build a microcomputer:
> "How to Build Your Own Working Microcomputer" by Charles K. Adams
> The Adams book seems like it was a rush job. There are quite a few
> error and a few omissions in the book which should have been caught
> by a proof reader.
> Did TAB books just crank out books during the 80s? I haven't been able
> to find a complete list of TAB books, but they cover the range from "33
> Challenging Computer Games for TRS-80/Apple/Pet" (total crap) to "The
> Handbook of Microcomputer Interfacing" (very good).

While I never got into the hardware books from TAB, I tried a number of
their programming books on BASIC and Pascal. The line was typoed to hell
and back -- nothing worked without extensive editing. I've got OCR
software that reads handprinted text with more accuracy than TAB ever
published. The biggest tragedy is that they got Radio Shack to resell
some of their atrocities -- and I'm the guy who did customer support
answering questions about why nothing worked.
Ward Griffiths
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