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>The other side of the coin, though, is the difficulty of converting
>to make them work on your computer. I remember spending a lot of time
>in high school, trying to convert TRS-80 and Apple II programs to run on
>my TI-99/4A. Fun? Yes. Would I want to do this under deadline pressure?
>Probably not.

   I had a book about 1986 or so that crossreferenced the Basic commands of
the popular home computers of the period, such as the Apple II, Commodore's,
and the various TRS-80's. It was pretty interesting. I saw mention of a
similar book being worked on now that was even greater in scope than this one.
 It is called something like 'Basref' or some such. I found a web page for it
on the Web. That book certainly made the conversion of programs much easier
though, even if you did at times need 4-5 statements on one machine to mimic
something done on another.

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