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Date: Sun May 11 05:34:14 1997

On 12-May-97, classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu wrote:

>Was it Memotech? they made all sorts of addons for the ZX81, hi-res
>graphics cards, serial and parallel ports and RAM expansion up to, as
>far as I can remember, 1Meg!!! BTW, is anyone interested in swapping any
>UK Sinclair stuff for a TS1000 or TS2068. I'd love to get either of

   I have a number of catalogs from Gladstone Electronics which show Memotech
products, though none that offer memory expansion that large. They did offer
some impressive add-ons for the Timex-Sinclair though! One of the more
interesting things they list for Memotech is a real keyboard that plugs into
the expansion port, but doesn't inhibit it's use for other addons. Real
typewriter keys with atuo-repeat and it was buffered. It lists for $99.95.

   Your offer for trade for UK stuff makes me wish I had picked up an extra
TS1000 a few months ago when I had the chance. I'd love to get my hands on
some of the things that are common in the UK but rarely seen over here.

   Jeff jeffh_at_eleventh.com

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