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Date: Mon May 12 19:06:43 1997

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> Does anyone else remember a Dutch thing called 'Basicode-2' ? This was an
> attempt at making universal basic programs for all the popular home
> computers of the time (early 1980's). It was in 2 parts :

Reach down to my right ankle and the old filing cabinet and there is
my Basicocde2 cassette and manual. It was designed to oeprate the same
program on Apple II and IIe's, BBC Model A and B, Commodore 64, Pet
and Vic 20, Sharp MZ80A, Sinclair ZX81, Tandy TRS-80 and Video Genie.
The BBC in the UK would broadcast programs over Radio-4 and Basicode
would allow everyone to use them. Quite the idea.

The cassette I have has the translator programs for all the above
computers and several games on the reverse side.

Yes, those were the days of creative computing.

Lindsay Thachuk
in Western Canada with the World's Best Computer 
- the Acorn RiscPC with the only 200 Mhz StrongARM in ARMstrong
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