What a weekend...

From: Bill Whitson <bill_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Mon May 12 20:21:22 1997

> That's quite a haul you made this weekend. I've never been lucky enough to
> come across so much at once. Normally it's a couple of items at the most.

Same here - I should decide not to buy any computers more often!

> >Macintosh (M0001)
> Lucky you!

Not so lucky - doesn't work. Turn it on and it clicks twice and whines
like its gonna blow a cap. Next weekend's project I guess...

> I've got a bunch of disks for the TI that I was sent, though they tend to
> be GROMs saved to disk.

I was sure they were out there as the expansion boxes all had disk drives
(I think) but I've never even seen an ad for commercially produced disk
software for the TI.

> >Timex-Sinclair 1000 with plug-in box on the back (RAM module?)
> > (I never realized from pictures how small these were!)
> Normally, the 16k RAM pack says what it is on it, though I guess a RAM
> module from a third party might not. The T/S-1000 RAM pack was about 3" wide
> x 3" high x 1-1/2" deep. I've seen third party RAM packs up to 64k, but they
> tended to be the full width of the computer.

The sticker has been ripped off but there is a number imprinted inside
that says 1016. I'm guessing that might be the model number for a 16k
module for the T/S 1000?


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