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Date: Sat May 10 17:03:56 1997

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   That's quite a haul you made this weekend. I've never been lucky enough to
come across so much at once. Normally it's a couple of items at the most.

>Macintosh (M0001)

   Lucky you!

>FORTRAN on disk for the TI99/4A (the first disks I've ever seen for
> the TI)

   I've got a bunch of disks for the TI that I was sent, though they tend to
be GROMs saved to disk.

>Timex-Sinclair 1000 with plug-in box on the back (RAM module?)
> (I never realized from pictures how small these were!)

   Normally, the 16k RAM pack says what it is on it, though I guess a RAM
module from a third party might not. The T/S-1000 RAM pack was about 3" wide
x 3" high x 1-1/2" deep. I've seen third party RAM packs up to 64k, but they
tended to be the full width of the computer.

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