Call for Help: Retrieve files from 14" DEC platters

From: Matt Pritchard <>
Date: Tue May 13 11:17:32 1997

I know there was mention on this group a few weeks back about disk

Here's the situation:

   You can help preserve a bit of history.

There is a project underway in the classic gaming community to release
the entire *entire* Mattel Intellivsion library on an Emulator for the
PC and Macintosh. This project is being spearheaded by the Blue Sky
Rangers - a group of original Mattel Intellivision programmers.

In addition to all the games that people know about, the Blus Sky
Rangers have some 14" DEC platters taken from 2 VAX systems that were
used for development. These files on these platters include source
code, screen shots and data from *UNRELEASED* Intellivision games. Some
of these probably were announced titles that never shipped, others were
never even announced.

If anyone has working equipment that can read these platters, and
extract the files to some other medium, and is willing to get involved
to preserve these games before they are lost forever, please contect me
at or

I thank everyone in advance,
-Matt Pritchard
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